Learn more and configure your first zone - no obligation!

Getting your first zone is easy and our support team is here to help make sure you are happy. After making your request we will grant you D-Zone portal access and set-up a short web meeting to walk you through configuring your first zone. 
  1. The testing period is free and limited to three months. We reserve the right to cancel them at any time and at our sole discretion (we don't want nefarious websites running on D-Zone). There is no commitment and no payment details taken.
  2. CIRA makes no or commitment or warranty as to up-time or service quality on free trials - it is for you to put a test zone on, to see how easy D-Zone is to use, and to measure the service quality and speed.
  3. Want to put your primary domain on the D-Zone trial?  That's okay. However for free trials we recommend you keep your existing authoritative DNS running and consider D-Zone a secondary service to increase resilience and performance of your DNS. They work together perfectly so there really is no risk.